Mount Carmel Ministries is the nonprofit entity operating Aqueduct Conference Center.

Water is the source of life both physically and spiritually. An aqueduct is an open channel through which water proceeds from its source, flowing naturally to give life to the community. Aqueduct Conference Center fulfills our vision by being a place where the life of Jesus can flow into the world through our hospitality to others. Embodying the the ancient idea of hospitality, we serve to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of all of our guests. We proclaim the Gospel through this ministry of Christian hospitality.
"Our mission is to operate Aqueduct Conference Center for the purpose of conducting retreats, conferences, seminars, camps, worship services, banquets and other events aimed toward Christian enrichment, outreach and educational experiences throughout the year in Chapel Hill, North Carolina."

“The staff was helpful every step of the way and were able to meet our every need. In fact, they went above and beyond all expectations.”

- Carol